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03-Jul-2017 15:46

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So plan this romantic trip of a lifetime with your partner now.

From sidewalk cafes perfect for getting cozy to some of the world’s most passionate art, Paris is synonymous with romance.

Today so many of you came, maybe because in the past I still haven’t given my account on it.

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Hop in the car for a romantic road trip down the picturesque Pacific Coast Highway to this famed beach hideaway.I’m hoping for more towards the end of next year, but it’ll depend on when we can find a prosperous time.” After you’re ordained will you marry right away? I figure after I’m ordained everything will be easier for us.I will have fufilled my duty as a son, I will have taken care of my mom, now time for my wife.” Have you had a chance to discuss things with Amy?Lets just conclude that, the news from the past I no longer want answer for because Khun Cee himself has already spoken on it.

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As for the new things coming out, whether it be the stuff on line or whatever it is, or for why it’s even out, I rather not bring it up.

During the time I was in Hong Kong, Khun Cee was busy working in the provinces.